Marco Pierozzi
Web Developer

About Me

About Me

As a teenager, i started looking at the Internet with interest and curiosity with a question buzzing in my mind: "How websites are made?". So, while obtaining my bachelor's degree in Computer Science for Telecommunications, I started working in a small web agency as a Web Developer.

As my career progressed, I moved my interests towards the LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, Mysql & PHP - and today i work as a Sr. Web Developer specializing in Web Applications. Aside from my career as a progremmer, I'm a guitar player in my '60/'70 rock cover band, "The Rockhestra", a grown up Gamer and an Ethical Hacker wannabe.



Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and FreeBSD. Installation and configuration. Shell scripting.


Installation, configuration, tuning & tweaking. Rewrite, cache, deflate, and other modules configuration.


ER Model understanding and database design. Query and index optimization. Replica management.


Both object oriented and procedural coding. Design patterns. Security Hardening. Resource optimization.

Web Design

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery. Bootstrap, and a pinch of curiosity for AngularJS and Material Design

Developer Tools

Composer, Gulp, LESS/SCSS, GIT. NodeJS is now the perfect companion for each web developer

Neural Networks

My R&D side deals with Tokenizers, POSTagging, FANN and homebrew algorithms for NLP.

Unity 3D

Really - really - noob game designer. It's a passion, and maybe one day it will become a job...

Curriculum Vitae

If you want to know more about me download my Curriculum Vitae in pdf format.

My Last works;


eCommerce Website for the famous fashion brand from Milan.
Technologies used: Magento, Adyen Payments, Algolia, Custom OMS.

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Alberta Ferretti

eCommerce for the luxury fashion brand from the AEFFE group.
Technologies used: Magento, Algolia, Custom OMS, Node, Webpack

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eCommerce for one of the world's top player in racing equipment.
Technologies used: Magento

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eCommerce for the fashion brand from Lorenzo Serafini.
Technologies used: Magento, Algolia, Custom OMS

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